Monday 23 September 2013

Enchantment Store & Votifier

A new Admin store has opened in the Player Mall.... the Enchantment Store!

In this store you can use your in game money to buy specific enchantments for your tools, weapons & armour, all enchantments are available for prices that reflect the level of enchantment and rarity.

You can also use the exchange to trade between Industrial Diamonds and Diamonds.

The recipe for Industrial Diamonds was removed in a previous version of Tekkit, but they can still be spawned and when placed in a crafting table can be turned into a normal Diamond, making them perfect for use as an economy 'middleman'. 

Industrial Diamonds will now be given for votes made using Votifier, meaning you have the choice between whether to turn them into a Diamond, trade them with another player, or exchange them for in game money in the Enchantment Store (you will also be able to exchange them in the new Admin Store when it opens tomorrow).

As from tomorrow Industrial Diamonds will also be included as one of the 'Random Freebie' prizes, for those who were wondering there are two 'Random Freebie' events every 24 hours, always at least a few hours apart. 


Down For Full Backup / Clone

I've taken the server down for a full backup / clone to make sure the test server includes all the recent changes, being a Monday morning it's always very quiet so I figured it was the best time, the server should be back up by around 9am (UK time).

UPDATE: 09:05 - Locked myself out of the house, currently trying to borrow a ladder so I can climb through a window (posted from my phone)!

UPDATE: 09:45 - I'm in! I'll just check over everything and hopefully get the server back up in 5-10 minutes.

UPDATE: 09:50 - Server is back up and whitelist is removed, sorry about the delay!