Sunday 26 October 2014 + Image Gallery

The most noticeable change to the website today was the link to the new DiggyVerse website on the side bar, staff had known about the new site for a while but the information on it is finally ready for everyone to take a look at!

The website contains all the information you would expect about the modpack, just like this one does for the Tekkit Classic server, along with a complete mod list on the Credit & Thanks page.

You'll also notice that the Modpack section has been removed from this site as it was a little redundant with the launch of the new site. 

The new site does not mean that posts will no longer be made on this one, it just gives us a simple way of keeping information about the two servers separate!

Image Gallery

The new image gallery is something I've been playing with for a while, I had been testing it on the DiggyVerse website and as it worked so well decided to add a separate gallery to this site as well, I have already added over 150 images from the past 18 months or so and from now on all player submitted images will be added to the gallery when posted!

Thanks to freaksdesign for the original suggestion.

Website Changes

I'll be making some website changes tonight, mostly relating to the new modpack and server, this will include revealing the mod list!

As a result some of the pages may be temporarily missing or blank from around 6:30 pm (UK), I expect everything to be finished soon after 9:30 pm (UK) though.

DiggyWig Freaks Out!

I was minding my own business cruising along on a parachute while 
I was waiting for some files  to upload and suddenly started
taking damage... then I got poisoned...
so I sped up a bit and took a quick look behind me...

Three Spectres were chasing me and one was Infernal!!!

I got away but it was a close call, DigginChickin and
DiggyBrine thought the whole thing was hilarious!

Modpack Server Preview - Minigames!

Our minigames have been really popular ever since we introduced them,
the updated version on the modpack server gives us quite a few
new options and we have already completed work on 10+
minigames for the servers launch!

Of course some classics are back, like the PvP Duel and Spleef (above), we've also built new Maze, Castles and PvP Village (an old favourite!)  minigames! The Biome Race is also back but this time it has a more difficult four player version, Danger Race! 

For the parkour lovers we have two courses, Parkour, for beginners and Parkour Pro (above) for those who are more experienced or want more of a challenge, much like our current parkour games!

We also have three entirely new games based around teams, Infection, CTF Castles (above) & Pharaoh PvP (above), with the last two allowing the use of selected weapons from Balkons Weapon Mod!