Tuesday 30 April 2013

Scheduled Job Mystery Solved

We have solved the mystery of the scheduled job issues!

The server hardware's time is set incorrectly, so the hosting company will be correcting this later when their is not so much load on the server. This does mean that they will have to take the server down for a few minutes to prevent issues and a white-list will automatically activate when it comes back up, I will try and turn it off as soon as possible!

Scheduled backups etc should then run without problems and at the correct times!

Mumble & Old Server Expire Tonight

Just to confirm that the 40 Slot Mumble server expires tonight along with the old server and we will not be setting up a new voice server as most people prefer to use Skype anyway.

The events server will be staying with the old hosting company for now, but will eventually be replaced by a server run by me from home. This will help keep costs down and mean that I can load new maps etc much faster, it will also mean the possibility of allowing more players to take part in events!

Finally, the new server  has only been running for two and a half days and already players have donated more than 35% of  the quarterly hosting fees, so I'd like to say a big thank you to our 8 VIPs and everyone else who has made a donation in the last few months, it is very much appreciated!