Saturday 15 June 2013

World Size Limits

After taking a look over the world map we have decided to introduce world size limits, for the following reasons:

1 - The larger the world the more likely it will suffer from corruption, making a map reset necessary.
2 - Chunk generation in a large world can cause lag and increase the chance of map corruption when the server is busy.
3 - We have massive unexplored areas within relatively short distances of portals (under 4000m).
4 - We have several thousand chunks generated at extreme distances which no-one is using.

A very small plugin has been installed this morning to handle the limits and borders and limits have been introduced as follows:

The End: 150 blocks from the central point, this covers the 'island' but stops people building out.

This also has the useful side effect of forcing players onto the main 'island', meaning you no longer need to type '/spawn' when you arrive. The spawn region has now been removed from this world as it's no longer needed.

Marble End: 200 blocks from the central building (not noticeable to anyone expect staff).

The Nether: 700 blocks from the spawn point.

All chunks within that area have also been forced to generate, meaning that exploring The Nether will now not involve any chunk generation and so will be less laggy.

The Main World: No limit currently set.

We will be looking at this over the weekend, but at the moment we are thinking a sensible limit (based on use to date) would be 8000 blocks. We will be forcing generation of all chunks within the area once it is set so that no chunk generation will be needed when players are exploring, any chunks outside the area will be 'trimmed' shortly afterwards.

There are 3 builds beyond this limit and we will be investigating who they belong to and if they are active players, if you know you are one of these 3 players then it would be a good idea to begin moving to within 8000m of spawn asap, contact DiggyWig or DigginChickin if you need help with this!