Sunday 16 November 2014

Member+ Nominations

I have decided to change the way Member+ nominations work on a trial basis, so their are now two ways for players to reach Member+ rank...
  1. Nomination by Helper or Moderator and 14+ unique days.
  2. Nomination by 2 Member+ players and 21+ unique days.
Member+ players who want to nominate a Member rank player for Member+ promotion should open a modreq, with the name of the player and a brief reason reason why they think the player should be Member+, you can also send an email to the usual address ( if you would like to give more information than you can in a modreq.

Member rank players who receive 2 nominations from Member+ players within 7 days will be considered for Member+.

If no second nomination is received within 7 days the modreq will be closed. Whatever the outcome of a nomination nominating players will be given a reason when the modreq is closed. As with staff nominations players with warnings within the last 30 days, or 60 days in the case of griefing, will not be considered for Member+.