Sunday 2 November 2014

Scheduled Maintenance

There will be a scheduled maintenance tomorrow as follows:
  1. Full backup/clone.
  2. Clear out old data.
Scheduled Downtime:
Date: 03/11/14
Est Start:  09:00 am (UK)
Est Finish:  10:00 am (UK)

Modpack Live Testing

Just a reminder that live testing of the DiggyVerse modpack and server is now open to all players who are currently staff or VIP rank on the Tekkit Classic server!

The official launch and whitelist removal is expected to be 5th November 2014.

Second Glitch Of The Day

Well we had a second glitching block a couple of hours ago, this time though it wasn't so serious and was simple to fix, hopefully that will be the last for quite a while. I guess we were kind of overdue though, we hadn't had a glitch like this for several months!

Server Downtime

Apologies for the downtime today, we had a glitching block in the main world and it took us a little while to track it down and remove it!

The glitch was made worse by extreme lag from a high number of lag producing items (way above the limits) which meant we couldn't get close enough to remove the glitching block manually (despite trying for over half an hour), as a result we unfortunately had to regenerate the area which destroyed half of the players factory. Please do remember to stick to the item limits we have set, we have them for a reason, thanks!

You can find details of the limits here.