Friday 18 October 2013

VIP Donations Open Tomorrow!

Just a reminder that VIP donations open to all players tomorrow!

The links will be added to the website between midday and 2 pm, and will be removed as soon as the VIP limit (12) is reached.

If you're an existing VIP that hasn't renewed yet but still intends to then please remember to do it before then to guarantee your place!

VIP Places Remaining: 3 (of 12)

One Day Left To Vote!

There's only one day left to vote in the poll to name our currency!

It's a very close call between the top three choices so every single vote counts, if you haven't voted already or want to change your choice time is running out!

Launcher Working Again

The Technic Launcher is fixed but you might need to delete it and re-download to get it working.

I also managed to get hold of a copy of the old launcher this morning, which was still working, if you'd like a copy in case something like this happens again just drop me an e-mail: