Wednesday 21 December 2016

Temporary Whitelist

A bug has been found and I'm having trouble pinning it down, unfortunately for now this means I've had to turn the whitelist on, I'll update here with details, sorry for the inconvenience!

Update: 17:45 - The whitelist has been removed, that was one confusing bug!

Update: 18:05 - Apologies to those who still got the whitelist message, that's also fixed!

VIP Available & Half Price Until 2017!

The VIP upgrade is now available, see the VIP page for details!

To celebrate the launch of our new vanilla server we're also offering the best price ever...

**** Half Price VIP Until Midnight 31st Dec! ****
The minimum donation will never go this low again, what are you waiting for!

That's just £6, for lifetime VIP!

Did you donate to the DiggyVerse server within the last 12 months?

Drop me an e-mail, after joining the server at least once, and you'll get VIP here for FREE!


The server is down for maintenance, this should take no more than 30 minutes!

This maintenance includes:
  • Full backup.
  • Update to latest Spigot version.
  • Update 4 x plugins to latest versions.
  • Test updates.
I'll update here when I'm done.

All done, the server is back up!