Saturday 14 June 2014

Player Warnings

I've made a slight change to the warnings system, players will now be notified of how many warnings they have each time they join the server.

This is just on a trial basis for now.

Server Down - Power Cut

The server has been down since around 09:05 due to a power cut.

From our hosting company:

UK network outage (Outage)

Priority - Critical

Our bandwidth provider in the UK appears to be experiencing a major outage at the moment, as a result our services based in the UK are unreachable until resolution.

Update 09:15 - there was a power outage in the area, we will keep you updated.

I'll update here when I know more or the situation is resolved.

Update 09:30 - Power has been restored but I am unable to start the server due to some file corruptions, I am working on fixing this now!

Update 09:45 - The server is fixed and back up! 

A few mods had to be restored from backup, Ender Chests have had to be rolled back 2 days and players who were online when the power cut happened may have lost part of their inventory but other than that all is well so it could have been much worse. If you were online and have lost items from your inventory then please open a modreq to let us know so we can restore the items for you.