Tuesday 5 March 2013

Do Not Craft Iron Shovels

Unfortunately the server has developed the 'iron shovel gzip' bug that plagues many Tekkit servers, what this means is that if you craft or pick up an iron shovel your player data will become corrupt, you will be instantly disconnected with a 'gzip' error and unable to reconnect.

Once you have this issue the only way for you to get back on the server is for your player data to be deleted, this means you will also loose any items in your inventory at the time.

If this happens to you and you are unable to get a message to an Admin or Moderator in game via another player then please e-mail us at so we can get you back in the game asap.

There is currently no official or unofficial fix for this bug, plus the item cannot be removed from the game or banned in a way that prevents this issue as even attempting to craft an iron shovel causes the problem whether the crafting is completed successfully or not.

I will be investigating further and hopefully a fix or workaround will be found, until then please remember not to attempt to craft this item.

Philosophers Stone

Having received several polite requests from regular players to reconsider our policy regarding the Philosophers Stone and after some consideration and testing we have decided to give all players the ability to craft this item, however no rank will have the ability to hold it or use the right click functionality due to it's ability to be used for serious griefing.

Please note that because you cannot hold it you may have difficulty picking it up when dropped if you have empty slots in your hotbar.