Monday 16 September 2013

Mail Signs and /itemdb

I've enabled Mail signs, players of all ranks can create Mail signs by placing a sign and putting [Mail] on the top line, the other lines can be whatever you want, then any player can right-click it to read their /mail messages. It's debatable how useful this is but cool nonetheless.

I've also added the /itemdb command for all ranks, this lets you lookup information about the item in your hand, from it's id to how many uses a tool has remaining. I'm sure I wont be the only one that finds it pretty handy!


Should We Enable Economy?

We've had more interest in the /money command and people asking why the server doesn't have an economy recently. Now I know we had a poll about this a few months back but I thought I'd rerun the poll to give players that have joined since then a voice too.

I'm thinking that with the new mall the addition of at least a basic economy makes more sense, plus if you're not into economy you could quite happily go on building / playing as normal and just ignore it, the minimum of two stocked trade-o-mats per store would still apply and the admin store would continue using them so non-economy trading would still be available as it is now.

As many of you know we already have a basic economy built into Essentials, it's just disabled, so enabling and configuring it would be simple, please consider the options and vote in the poll!