Friday 27 December 2013

OnTime Data

We've lost some OnTime data due to an accident (long story involving my 5 year old), this will affect peoples 'unique days' count and only have any real effect for players waiting for a Member promotion. 

I can't be 100% sure about how much was lost but it appears to be a few days at most, the data that records first joins etc is still available so should anyone feel they have lost out because of this and will have to wait longer for Member rank just ask a staff member to open a modreq ticket so me or Tatankore can take a look and manually schedule a promotion or add days back on to your total.

Hourly Bonus Replaced By Play Time

Ahead of the plugin update on Sunday I have switched the hourly bonus to be handled by the OnTime plugin, here is a basic breakdown of what this change means for players:

Old Bonuses & Rewards:

Hourly Bonus: $100 + 2 Apples
1 Hour Playtime Reward: 2 x 30135
4 Hour Playtime Reward: 2 x 30135

New OnTime Reward:

Hourly Playtime Reward: 1 x 30135 + 1 Apple

Typical players will be getting roughly the same overall, players who play for 5 or more hours will be effectively getting an extra $50 an hour compared to the old bonuses & rewards.


Downtime Scheduled For Sunday

There will be a scheduled downtime on Sunday morning (UK time) to do the following:
  1. Perform full backup/clone.
  2. Apply updated EE mod patch (includes possible fix for EE chests + buildcraft pipes).
  3. Check config & test.
  4. Update OnTime plugin to latest version (should fix a couple of small issues). 
  5. Test plugin update.
  6. Switch vote rewards to be handled by OnTime (will reduce overhead).
  7. Test changes.
Steps 6 & 7 will only happen on Sunday if a particular plugin bug has been fixed, I'll update here as always.

Scheduled Downtime:
Date Time: 29/12/13
Est Start: 09:30 to 09:45 am
Est End: 10:45 to 11:00 am