Sunday 29 December 2013

Network Lag

Just to confirm that the lag some people are experiencing is not server lag, it is network lag which seems to  be related to a massive DDOS attack against our hosting company, specifically aimed at a voice server based in Chicago.

The situation is being dealt with but the network lag is likely to continue until it is resolved and at the moment it is impossible to say how long that will take.

Whitelist Glitch

Sorry about the whitelist turning back on for a while then, it was a typo that is now fixed!

Down For Maintenance

The server is down for scheduled maintenance as follows:
  1. Perform full backup/clone - Done.
  2. Apply updated EE mod patch (inc possible fix for EE chests + pipes)  - Done.
  3. Check config & test - Done (EE chests + pipes issue still present).
  4. Update OnTime plugin to latest version (should fix a couple of small issues)  - Done.
  5. Test plugin update - Done.
  6. Switch vote rewards to be handled by OnTime (will reduce overhead) - Done.
  7. Tweak & test changes - Done.
Steps 6 & 7 will only happen on Sunday if a particular plugin bug has been fixed, I'll update here as always.

Scheduled Downtime:
Date Time: 29/12/13
Start: 09:45 am
End: 10:45 am

Status: Whitelist removed!