Sunday 8 December 2013

Scheduled Downtime On Monday

Just to confirm the world switch will be happening tomorrow as follows:

Downtime For World Switch:
Date:Monday (9th December)
Time (UK):9:00 am to 3:00 pm*

*3:00 pm is the earliest time the white-list is expected to be removed, it could be significantly later so please check here for updates before trying to connect.

As you can see the list of stuff to be done is pretty long: 
  1. Full backup/clone.
  2. Restore normal maintenance schedule.
  3. Replace all plugins with fresh copies & test.
  4. Replace all mods with fresh copies, apply latest patch versions & test.
  5. Remove current world.
  6. Undo some temporary changes made to keep server running with old world.
  7. Remove all world specific data and config that doesn't apply to the new world.
  8. Rename new world and change configs to match.
  9. Test old configs now work correctly with new world.
  10. Make several dozen config changes & test.
  11. Add permissions for new plugins & features & test.
  12. Set border for new world, pre-generate all chunks and scan for errors.
  13. Generate new Nether world, pre-generate all chunks and scan for errors.
  14. Generate new End world, pre-generate all chunks and scan for errors.
  15. Delete backups and other unneeded data from the old world.
  16. Setup wilderness warps (replacing current world warps) and warp zone.
  17. Reset coreprotect database and other logging.
  18. Double check I didn't forget anything and re-open server! 
As usual I'll post updates on here as things progress!

Switch Going Ahead Tomorrow!

I can confirm that as per my last post the switch is definitely going ahead tomorrow!

A few important notes:

Players have until 5pm (UK) today to submit modreq requests for building backups and be guaranteed they will be saved as schematics, after that time it depends on what staff can get online and how much time they have.

The Vault and VIP Island will remain available until the server goes down tomorrow so you have until it shuts down at 9:00am (UK) to store your items.

Please remember inventories will not be saved and alchemy bag contents may or may not be saved, it's likely that many will carry over. I just found out that the longer it's been since you accessed your bag the greater the chance it's contents will be lost so just taking something out, closing the bag, then opening it again and putting something back in will improve your chances of keeping the contents!

I'll post a more detailed schedule of work being done tomorrow a little later, I'm still going over the order things need to be done myself to make sure I've got everything covered!

I've been asked about placement of the copied builds by a few players, basically when you arrive in the new world just go and find a spot you like open a modreq and we'll paste the schematic in for you (larger ones may have to wait for quieter periods), we cannot rotate builds though as this will create problems with various Tekkit items, especially factories and miniblocks. Also please remember we have builds to transfer for a lot of players, it will take time to get them all done.