Sunday 11 May 2014

Triple Win For Jabbawokkey!

Jabbawokkey got a triple win on the Super Slot at the casino today....

I'm sure she would have rather got Industrial Diamonds instead of Exp but 
still impressive and the first time I've seen all nine blocks come up the same!

At least she got $500 for submitting the screenshot though :)

Scheduled Maintenance

There will be a scheduled downtime tomorrow morning to do the following:
  1. Full backup/clone.
  2. Upgrade Ontime plugin.
  3. Test upgraded plugin.
  4. Management interface update.
  5. Small change to maintenance.
This is expected to take no longer than two hours but is obviously very dependent on my internet connection speed so may take longer, I'll update here as usual if that's the case.

Scheduled Downtime:
Date: 12th May 2014
Est Start: 08:45-09:00 (UK)
Est Finish: 10:45-11:00 (UK)