Monday 6 January 2014

New Minigame: Castles

A new game for 2-6 players has been added to GameWorld, Castles!

The rules are simple, try and knock everyone else into the lava whilst trying not fall in yourself, pvp is on but no weapons or armour are given, last player standing wins.

The game was built by Tatankore based on a suggestion from niki2008.


Image by Mossie2000

Image by Tylong234

Definition of 'family friendly' Etc

In light of a couple of recent disagreements between players I would like to clarify what we mean by a 'family friendly' server, but first a couple of points:

  1. The server has never been run according to ANY religious beliefs, it is no more christian than it is muslim or buddhist.
  2. The server may be based in the UK but is open to ANYONE, whatever your native language may be you are welcome here and staff will do their best to get past the language barrier should you encounter any problems!
  3. The family friendly chat and no-grief rules have not changed since the server opened.

I would also like to point out that the NOH8 logo was added to our website quite early last year to show our support for equality, age, gender, skin tone, sexuality, religious beliefs etc should not matter when it comes to playing on the server. 

If you do not agree with this principle, or cannot at least agree to abide by it whilst on the server, no offence but you should probably find somewhere else to play.

What is meant by the 'keep chat family friendly' rule?

For the vast majority of players this is a case of common sense but to clarify:

We are talking about what a typical person would consider serious swearing or inappropriateness, if you are not sure then think this way, would I hear that in a family movie? If not then you probably shouldn't be using it on the server.

What some people would consider 'cursing' or 'lesser swearing' (for example hell, damn), which tends to be mostly based on religion or local culture, is generally considered acceptable in family entertainment and NOT recognised as swearing, it would only be considered unsuitable for chat under very limited circumstances and if used in very specific ways (i.e. intentionally and maliciously used to offend).

What is and isn't offensive to an individual is a very grey area and if, for example, I was to ban words that christians might find offensive I would open the floodgates for what words other religions or groups find offensive and that would be a long long list (we are literally talking thousands of words). When it comes to what people find offensive you cannot please everyone, or least you can't please everyone AND keep things sensible!

I would also like to point out that when it comes to the server rules staff have final say, if you disagree with a decision or action then you can discuss it with them in private messages or make a complaint by e-mail so that it can be looked into by a higher ranked member of staff. 

The Owner/Admin decision regarding a dispute or complaint is final and failing to adhere to any warnings given may result in further formal warnings, demotion or even a ban. It's not often that things go this far (twice so far this year) but I wanted to be clear on these rules and that I stand by my staff and will not tolerate abuse being aimed at them for any reason.