Friday 4 April 2014

Ranks For New Server

Just a quick post to clarify the ranks planned for the new server!

Standard player ranks:

Explorer Resident Citizen Veteran   (all promotions automatic)

Donation based ranks:

Donator  (equivalent to Veteran + extras)

VIP  (equivalent to Veteran + extras)

A special rank which is not a part of the normal promotion ladder:

Architect  (equivalent to Veteran + specific extra permissions) 

Staff ranks:

DemiMod Mod Admin

And finally the owner rank:


Hopefully with it broken down like that you can see it's not actually as complicated as it looks at first, the colours may change between now and when the server launches though!

Player Made YouTube Videos

Here are some videos made by one of our regular players, Joeygerace!

This video series is based on our minigames...

And here is a co-op build he built with some other players...

If anyone else has made videos then please do let me know so I can share them with everyone else on here and Technic Forums!

As with screenshots Joey has been given $500 in game for each video posted here, was cool watching you guys have fun with the Minigames :)