Monday 6 May 2013

PVP Village Now Open!

Some of you wondered why I placed an npc village at spawn and put it in a glass box, well now you know...

I've modified the village and set PVP to allow, giving players a more open space to fight rather than just being restricted to the PVP Arena, and unlike the PVP Arena there are no rules, anything goes!


Whitelist In Place

A whitelist is in place whilst I fix some problems deliberately caused last night, the players responsible have been banned and it shouldn't take me much more than an hour to undo the damage and put precautions in place to prevent it from happening again.

UPDATE: 11:00 - Backup is running now, whitelist will be removed in a few minutes :)
UPDATE: 11:05 - The whitelist is now removed!

To anyone that saw the changes made to the screens at spawn last night I apologise, it appears the two players responsible where using hacked clients and judging by their spelling quite young kids. 

I have added security measures to the screens which should prevent this from happening again, information on the screens can now only be refreshed by restarting the server. All actions / block modifications by them have also now been rolled back.

Both the players have been banned along with their IP addresses in case they have additional accounts. Thanks to blad2003 for jailing & muting them last night to prevent further damage and chat spamming until I could get on to ban them.