Friday 3 March 2017

Additional Land Claim Blocks:

A couple of VIP players asked about the possibility of buying extra claim blocks, I'm pleased to say that I've now added two options for this:
  1. Donate more than the £12 minimum for VIP, for every £2 extra you'll get another 500 blocks, along with 1 x Rare loot crate key!
  2. If you're already a VIP you can make an additional donation, for every £6 you donate you'll get another 1500 blocks, along with 3 x Rare loot crate keys!
Plus there's good news if you're already a VIP and donated more than the minimum, you'll receive any extra blocks you are now entitled to automatically the next time you join the server!

I'm also looking at the possibility of allowing high rank players to purchase additional blocks for in game currency and/or exp, more news on that soon!