Wednesday 28 December 2016

MC 1.11.2 & Tweaks

We're currently waiting for Spigot to fix a couple of issues with 1.11.2, as soon as that's done they'll make it the recommended build and I'll do some testing. All being well I'll update the server within a few days of starting testing. Basically, it's coming soon!

You've probably noticed I've made a lot of tweaks over the past few days, which has obviously led to me being afk a lot while I'm doing server stuff. As a general rule if I'm in vanish and not showing on /list I'm probably afk. It's been great to get the chance to chat/play a lot more though and once things settle down in the new year I'll be able to chat a lot more!

So, the tweaks, here's a basic list of what's been changed over the last day or two:
  • A few bug fixes, mainly relating to kits & ranking up.
  • Fixed a couple of permission issues (including VIP flight).
  • Anti-hack tweaking. Still a work in progress but coming along nicely bar the fast-hack bug. 
  • The shop has been re-balanced (still a work in progress) to make farming etc pay more and fix villager trading effectively being too overpowered (emerald sell prices lowered).
Thanks to everyone that's helped by reporting issues!