Monday 28 October 2013

Changes Today

Here's a brief summary of the changes this morning;
  1. Marble End has been removed along with all the related config etc.
  2. The Marble End entrance building at spawn has been removed and trees etc planted.
  3. Multiple inventory data has been completely cleared for removed worlds.
The multiple inventory plugin has not been removed, this is required for the halloween world and will be removed next week.

Server Issue & Scheduled Downtime

There was a major issue with the server this morning where some kind of java glitch caused the server to hang just after 9am, this glitch somehow caused some data loss and has meant I've had to roll back some plugin related files.

Specifically region data has been rolled back to 6:30am UK time, so any changes to region protection, including placement of protection stones between 6:30am and when the server hung just after 9am have been lost.

Some other data has also been rolled back but this is nothing that should affect anyone adversely and just means that some plugins are missing log data for that period.

I have now started the removal of Marble End and should be done by 11am, apologies for the delay! 

UPDATE: 10:40 - The worlds have been removed and I've finished cleaning up entries in other plugins relating to Marble End, I just need to do a little testing and make sure there are no errors.

UPDATE: 10:50 - The whitelist is removed, you can connect now!