Wednesday 7 January 2015

Survey Results!

Thanks once more to all those who completed the survey, which was completed by less players than the previous one but we still got just over 80 responses!

For those who are interested here's a summary of the feedback:

How long have you played on the DiggyMinecraft Tekkit Classic server?

63% had played for longer than 1 year, 13% for 1 month to 1 year and 24% for less than a month.

What age range are you in?

This was once again fairly spread, with virtually equal numbers of players in the age ranges covering 11 to 24 (90% in total), just 2% below age 10, and a total of 8% aged 25 or above.

Have you donated towards server costs in the past or would you consider donating?

13% of players had donated at some point in the past, however all but one had decided not to donate again this year. Of those that haven't donated in the past 75% said they would consider donating in the future.

Did you know that donation based ranks (Donator/VIP) are now 'Lifetime'?

This was split straight down the middle, 50% said yes, 50% said no.

Have you played on the DiggyVerse modpack/server?

53% of players had played on the DiggyVerse modpack/server, 47% had not.

Which of our servers do you play on the most?

This was a very split result, 49% of players said they played on the DiggyVerse server the most, 51% on the Tekkit Classic server.

Given that Tekkit Classic is pretty old now and becoming less popular should we continue to host it beyond 2014?

This was clearer than last time, with 62% of players thinking we should close the Tekkit Classic server this year, and only 38% wanting us to continue hosting it.

If the Tekkit Classic server was to close what should we do instead?

Most players, 57%, think we should just focus on the modpack. 18% think we should run an automatic game server, 6% think we should bring back the old events server, 6% think we should run a more up to date official modpack and 13% think we should run a vanilla server.

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Thanks for all the positive feedback and messages, they really are appreciated.

I'll talk about the other feedback more in another post which will follow soon, I'll also cover how these results and other factors are likely to affect the future of the server.