Tuesday 2 July 2013

Move Complete!

The move is complete, everything is working fine and you can now connect using the new IP.

Depending on your geographical location it may be up to 24 hours before you can connect using because of the time it takes internet name servers to syncronise.

You can find the new IP on the Server Info page!

It took much longer than planned but hey when do big technical changes ever go perfectly smoothly, we are now hooked up to 10 GBps  internet connection and running on brand new top of the line server hardware so it was definitely worth the wait!

UPDATE: 16:30 - 

There has been one side effect of the move... the data I use to work out how long players have been on the server has been reset, so it's showing all players that are New Builder rank as having played for 1 day, to keep things as fair as possible we'll reduce the promotion time from 1-2 weeks to 1 week max for the next week.

Down For Move / IP Change

The server is now down for the move and IP change, this should take 1-2 hours and I'll post updates here as things progress!

UPDATE: 10:30 - The server has been fully backed up by both me and the hosting company and the move will be taking place very shortly.

UPDATE: 10:45 - Just received a notification that the new server is setup and our data is being moved over to it now!

UPDATE: 11:30 - It seems they underestimated the size of our map, the move is taking longer than than expected, our main world consists of 4GB of data made up of over 15000 files!

UPDATE: 12:00 - Something has come up and I need to go out for about an hour, hopefully by the time I get back the move will have been completed, sorry for the delay!

UPDATE: 13:30 - I'm back, just going to check if everything has been moved ok.

UPDATE: 13:45 - The move is complete, just making sure everything is as it should be.

UPDATE: 13:55 - I'm having an issue with the management interface, hopefully this won't take too long to get sorted out.

UPDATE: 14:10 - All fixed, we'll be reopening in 10-15 minutes!