Friday 19 July 2013

Commands Page Updated

The Commands page of the site has been updated, many of the changes were just to tidy it up and include some variants however some commands have been removed and some new ones have been added, here's a brief summary of the changes:

/stack - has been officially added.

/hat - has been added for Member rank or above.

Most /region commands have been removed for VIPs, all the Protection Stones equivalent commands can now be used for your VIP region instead which are far simpler and easier to remember.

There have been significant changes to the flags available for players to set on their regions, these changes affect all ranks.

For more details check out the Commands page!

VIP Renewals & Donations

Just a quick reminder to existing VIPs that you have just over 24 hours left to guarantee your VIP status for this quarter.

VIP donations will open to everyone tomorrow, 20th July, sometime after midday (UK time).

Update: 19:00 An appointment I need to attend has been moved to a later time tomorrow so the VIP donations may open an hour or two later than planned, I expect them to open at 3 pm (UK) at the latest, apologies if this inconveniences anyone!

Update: As of 14:00 20th July - 6 / 12 VIP slots are taken.

Further updates will appear on a subsequent post and not here.