Tuesday 31 December 2013

FREE BuyCraft Package Added

I've added a new BuyCraft package that is FREE to players of ranks and includes:

$700 in game money (Shards)

8 x Scrap Boxes

Players can 'purchase' the package once per week.

The 'Booster Package' has also been renamed to 'Premium Booster Package'.


Server Back Up (DDoS Update)

Sorry for the lack of information regarding the server being down for around 9 hours last night / this morning, I only just found out that the hosting company shut the physical server down for a while in connection with the DDoS attacks, it appears one of the targeted servers may have been hosted on the server or at least in the same rack as us so unfortunately they had no choice but to shut the machine down to limit the effect on everyone else until it was resolved.

The server is back up now but the attack has not gone away, it's just targeting a different IP now (one in Germany this time) so some players may still experience some network lag. I'm assured that the hosting company is doing everything they can to resolve this as soon as possible but this does seem to be a particularly intense attack.