Thursday 25 April 2013

The Switchover - Next Step

All Alchemical Bag data has now been deleted, so it's time to start packing for the move!

So to clarify this is what you can take with you and how you need to do it...

You can take:

Items you are wearing.
Items in your inventory.
The contents of a Red Alchemy Bag. 

How this is going to work:
  1. Make sure you are wearing you best armour, jetpack or whatever wearables you want to keep.
  2. Place your most valuable items in your inventory or on your hotbar (just to cover yourself against all eventualities).
  3. Fill a Red Alchemy Bag with anything else you would like to take with you to the new world.
Do not use any other colour bag for any purpose, this could prevent your items from transferring correctly!

Once you are ready for the move notify either myself (DiggyWig) or DigginChickin in game, drop an e-mail to, or send me a message on Skype (search for DiggyWig).

We cannot move your items across while players are logged in so the server will be taken down every so often to move the data in batches, with the last batch being moved over on Saturday evening (most likely around 10pm UK Time).

To prevent people spawning in random locations throughout the world (which would generate a large number of random chunks and cause a lot of lag) you will be required to log out within the 'Transfer Area' when your items are going to be moved over.

Things to note:

If you don't have a Red Alchemy you can either make one or check the chests at the Player Market, I'll be topping this up periodically, please only take one though so that everyone has access to them if needed.

Don't forget to keep your Red Alchemy Bag on your hotbar or in your inventory for the move so you can get to your items on the new server!

The new IP will not be posted on the website, Technic forums etc until Saturday, this is to prevent any confusion and players trying to join the server prematurely. 

After your items are moved you can continue to use the current world until the switchover but no further inventory changes etc will be saved, also please do not wait until the last minute as I can only over so many people in one go so you may miss this opportunity.

Details of some of the changes and what to do first when you login will be posted later!