Sunday 21 July 2013

VIP Donations Closed

All 12 VIP slots are now taken so donations are closed for the current quarter, thanks again to everyone who has donated!

General donations will reopen on 19th October, with renewals for existing VIPs opening one week earlier on 12th October.

Poll Added - The Future Of DM & RM Tools

Ok so I've been given some replacement files for EE2 which fix a few things including logging and interaction with protected regions for all the DM & RM tools except hoe's and the katar (because it has hoe functionality), but it means we face a difficult decision as enabling right-click would make them far too powerful to risk griefers logging in and getting hold of them within minutes / hours.

I've added a poll so you guys can help me decide but I need to reach a decision by Tuesday night ready for the downtime on Wednesday, so here's a bit more detail on the options;

1) Apply the fix but keep right-click disabled so that players of all ranks can continue to use them.

2) Apply the fix, enable right-click for RM tools only & unban Red Morning Star but restrict RM tools to Member+ rank or above. Keep DM tools as they are now.

3)  Apply the fix, enable right-click for DM + RM tools & unban Red Morning Star but restrict DM tools to Member rank or above and RM tools to Member+ rank or above.

If the tools become restricted by rank they will be confiscated unless you store them in chests until you rank up, all confiscations are logged and I will replace any confiscated tools that are accidentally left in inventories etc due to the potentially short notice of the changes.