Saturday 19 October 2013

DDoS Attack / Internet Issues

Our hosting companies data centre is experiencing a massive DDoS attack which is being investigated now, hopefully they will manage to resolve this very soon, I'll update here as I know more.

UPDATE: 18:25 - From our hosting company;
"LINX (London Internet Exchange ) seems to have some routing / network issues. At this point we can't do anything from our side, but wait until this is resolved."

VIP Donations & Sad News

I've decided not to open general donations this quarter.

I apologise for the last minute notice but things have changed drastically in the last 18 hours and the future of DiggyMinecraft has become very uncertain.

Most regular players are aware that I was intending to make DigginChickin an Admin very soon, unfortunately due to personal issues she will no longer be playing Minecraft, so she can concentrate on other things and has asked me to remove all her stuff in world. 

What most of you probably didn't know is that the intention was for her to take over the server for most of next year as my study increases to 60 hours a week and with everything else I just won't have time to run the server.

I'm sad to say it but DiggyMinecraft will therefore be closing in January and may be whitelisted to existing players only before then, I'll be keeping the website and a small whitelisted vanilla server going but for at least next year that's it. 

It's sad but just one of those unexpected things that life has a habit of throwing at us, it's been fun though and hopefully we can all continue to enjoy the last few months and perhaps meet again in new worlds for new adventures.

If anyone would like to continue hosting the map/s beyond January please contact me by e-mail, please be aware though that suitable hosting will cost around £100 a quarter.

If you're an existing VIP that has renewed already I understand that knowing this beforehand may have changed your mind about renewing so if this is the case please contact me and I'll arrange a refund asap.