Tuesday 17 September 2013

Plugin Upgrade & Patch Applied

A plugin has been updated to fix the issue of right-clicks not being properly blocked, this now works as it used to again. As an added bonus it appears we can now block the water / lava eating function of the Black Hole Band and Void Ring so we are looking into unbanning these two items!

I've also applied a further patch to Balkons Weapons Mod which we hope will fix most issues with the mod, most importantly that thrown / fired weapons bypass PvP settings, we expect to be able to unban a few more items from this mod once we've fully tested them.

Server Down

The server is down due to a problem with a management interface update, unfortunately this may take an hour or so to resolve. I'll update here when I know more.

Update: 17:40 - Turns out the problem isn't with the update, Minecrafts legacy login servers are down, as soon as Mojang resolve that I'll test the update and another patch I was about to apply when it went down and will get the server back up asap!

Update: 18:10 - The Mojang server is back up and we've almost finished testing already, the server will reopen any minute!

Update: 18:13 - The whitelist has been removed!