Thursday 2 February 2017

Big Changes At Spawn!

I've made a couple of pretty big changes at spawn, firstly to /fly...

Players have been building up exp way faster than they need it so I've been looking at more uses for it, I decided to start by allowing /fly time to be bought with it!

The prices are high, but seem well balanced given how much exp some players have built up already. As an extra perk for VIP's they can buy 12 hours of /fly for the normal exp cost of 4 hours!

The second big change is aimed at adding a little competition to Jobs...

The top 4 players for each job are shown on signs, with the top players head displayed above...

At either end you can also see the 4 highest overall skilled players, in other words the 4 players with the highest total combined levels + exp, based on players active jobs!

If you see skulls it means your client is still loading the skins, Notch's head is shown if no player has reached level 1 of a particular job yet (an opportunity to get your name on the board easily!).

This should hopefully introduce some healthy competition for the top spots and a new challenge for players, whether you're aiming to get the overall top spot or just your head on the wall somewhere.