Saturday 27 April 2013

Commands & Other Information Updated!

The Commands page and other sections have now been updated and the new IP will be added to the website shortly. Sorry for the delay, my home internet connection was down for almost an hour!

92 Transfers Complete

Time is up for player data to be transferred to the new server, in the end I transferred 92 players data, that's 184 individual files!

The website will be updating with the new IP address and player commands over the next hour or so and the new server will officially open tomorrow morning at or soon after 10am (UK time).

At around 9:30am (UK time) we will be nuking the old spawn building as a final farewell so if you'd like to see that make sure you login at least 10 minutes before!

The old server will also come back up at around 10am with a 'holding' world consisting of a small building and sign giving the new IP, this will stay up until the hosting company deletes the server at the end of the paid period, on or after 30th April.

Not long to go now!

More Details Of The Changes

Just to clarify... you have until 10pm (UK time) to have me transfer your data across, the new IP will then be announced shortly after this time and the new server will have the whitelist removed at around 10am (UK time) tomorrow morning.

Here's some more details of changes on the new server...

Protection Stones & Regions

Some of you may have noticed that the rank based stone limits were buggy and didn't always apply properly, these have been removed and all ranks will have the same limit again.

Because the region file was getting so big I decided to decrease the stone limit to 2 stones per player, BUT also increase the size of the protected area, they will now protect a 61x61 area sky to bedrock, meaning that the area covered by 2 stones  is actually significantly larger than the area that used to be covered by 4 stones (an area of 7442 blocks vs an area of 6724 blocks).

We've also decided to put a sensible size limit on VIP regions so that they don't interfere with other players exploration of the world, this limit will be 251x251 (an area of 63001 blocks), which is almost eight and a half times larger than a normal players maximum area.


By popular demand players will now be able to set multiple homes depending on rank as follows:

NewBuilder - 1
Member - 2
Member+/VIP - 4

This does however mean we've had to sacrifice the 'social' commands, such as 'invite' and 'public', but I think most players will be happy with the change.


There is now a challenge board at spawn and we will be running monthly challenges with big prizes for the winning player or team of players!

Jail & More Helpful Helpers

We now have a jail and Helpers will have the ability to jail and mute problem players until a Moderator or Admin logs in. This should greatly reduce the problems caused by excessive chat spammers and griefers when no senior member of staff is online.

Helpers will also be getting back the ability to view players inventories to check for stolen items.

Offline Mail

The ability to receive 'Mail' when they are offline will be given to all players to make communication from staff easier, players of Member+ rank or above will also be able to send mail to both staff and other players.

Asking For Help

All players will be able to request help from a Moderator or Admin using a simple command, this will hopefully help clear up chat and reduce chat spam.

That's pretty much it for the major changes, don't forget to make sure you get your stuff transferred by 10pm (UK time) tonight!

Time For Transfers Running Out

Just thought I'd post a reminder that time is running out if you want to transfer items to the new server / world. if you need a reminder as to what you need to do see here...

... and remember if you emailed me to let me know you are ready for the transfer but you're not online to do it before 10pm (UK time) tonight only your Red Alchemy Bag will get transferred, I will not be able to transfer your inventory, hotbar & worn armour!