Wednesday 20 November 2013

Joeygerace Completes Parkour101

xPhantomY2Kx sent me these screenshots of joeygerace completing Parkour101 in GameWorld:

For submitting the images xPhantomY2Kx has received $2500 and for starring in them joeygerace has received $500!

Got some screenshots you'd like posted on here and want to earn some shards at the same time? Just send them to, don't forget to include your player name and that of any others in the images!

Right Click Changes

I've switched over to the new direct method of blocking DM & RM tool and other EE actions, this has reduced overhead and means you will receive more specific messages too, It also means that certain exceptions are now in place, for example you can finally use the basic shear & hoe functions normally as these no longer bypass WorldGuard protection! The 'Gust' function of the Swiftwolfs Rending Gale is now completely disabled.

RM & DM tools will now appear to charge as normal, however you will receive a message notifying you what charge level the tool is capped at.


Void Ring Unbanned

As of now the Void Ring is restricted to Member rank rather than being completely banned.

Like the enderpearl it's teleport function has been disabled (you will teleport, but then instantly teleport back) and like the Black Hole band it cannot be used to remove liquids, however the passive functions of attracting items to you or a chest and 'condensing' them function as normal.



I'm working on switching CoreProtect to the MySQL server provided free by our host, this should allow me to increase the time records are kept, currently 10 days, this may involve a couple of extra restarts this morning.

I'll post again when I've finished.

Update - 10:50: Put on hold, the existing database is too big to import remotely by any means so I've asked the hosting company if they can do it for me!