Monday 29 July 2013

New Trial Moderator + New Helper!

We now have a new trial Moderator!

freaksdesign has been promoted on a two week trial basis, so congratulations on being the first player (that I don't know in real life) to be promoted to Moderator and good luck!

Jav0330 has also been promoted to Helper!

Server Down

We noticed earlier today that the server was crashing when a particular player logged in, we've now discovered that this seems to be because of a serious chunk loading issue in or near the players region. We are investigating now but the server could be down for some time, I'll update when we know more.

UPDATE: 16:30 - We've found the problem but I couldn't get close enough to remove the offending items, unfortunately I've had to remove a 150 x 60 area from a distance using worldedit and will now have to manually regenerate the missing chunks manually.The server should be back up in no more than 20-30 minutes.

UPDATE: 17:00 - The server is back up and whitelist is removed!

July Fountain Challenge

Just a quick reminder that entries for the July Fountain challenge need to be submitted by midnight (UK time) this Friday!

For more details see...