Sunday 3 November 2013

The New Minigame World

As a lot of you already know the plan is to move the Spleef, PvP Arena & PvP Village into a new Minigame world, with the same inventory as the normal world but certain commands disabled to help ensure fair play (like in Marble End and The Halloween Map).

To clarify, the casino will be staying at spawn and is not being moved with the minigames.

The plan is for the world to have 6 minigames set up, slight variations the three existing ones, a team deathmatch we've nicknamed 'Mini MarbleEnd', a single player parkour type game, and a two player 'race'.

The games are pretty much set up, although the world still needs some tidying up and decorating so we'll be doing some testing next week, this will mean temporarily disabling the games at spawn and getting as many volunteers as possible to stress test by having multiple games running at the same time. Then I can look at resource use and make any necessary changes before it officially opens, which should hopefully be a few days to a week later.

If you're interested in getting a preview of the world and helping to test the new games then watch this space, I'll post more details once we've decided on a date!