Saturday 9 March 2013

Player Market Now Open!

Over the last week many users have requested some form of player market and so I decided to make building one a priority, it's taken a couple of days to build and test but I'm pleased to announce that the player market is now open!

Key market information:

The market is located outside spawn, opposite the DiggyStore.

The market consists of 18 rentable stalls.

Stall rentals and equipment are provided free of charge.

Each stall consists 3 trade-o-mats linked to personal safes and a sign to be placed above them.

Any player of 'Member' rank or above may request rental of a market stall.

Stall renters are responsible for ensuring they do not trade in banned or restricted items

Stalls will be reclaimed if the renting player does not log in to the server for 7 days.

Stalls will also be reclaimed if a renter is found to have deliberately tricked another player into an unfair trade.

If you want to rent a stall but no admin or mod is online then please send an e-mail to, including your username and a proffered stall number (if applicable).

I think that covers everything, enjoy!