Saturday 27 April 2013

92 Transfers Complete

Time is up for player data to be transferred to the new server, in the end I transferred 92 players data, that's 184 individual files!

The website will be updating with the new IP address and player commands over the next hour or so and the new server will officially open tomorrow morning at or soon after 10am (UK time).

At around 9:30am (UK time) we will be nuking the old spawn building as a final farewell so if you'd like to see that make sure you login at least 10 minutes before!

The old server will also come back up at around 10am with a 'holding' world consisting of a small building and sign giving the new IP, this will stay up until the hosting company deletes the server at the end of the paid period, on or after 30th April.

Not long to go now!