Friday 19 April 2013

Changes Next Week - Update

Promotions On Hold

I've set up all the plugins on the new server using a 'dummy' world and have started to set up groups and permissions etc, to ease the transition promotions are now on hold until the switch-over meaning that no more players will be promoted using the existing system. 

We are still keeping a list though and anyone who would have been promoted this week will be immediately promoted on the new server!

Alchemical Bags

As you should know we recommend against using these for long term storage, I would strongly advise everyone to move items from alchemical bags into chests or safes for the switch-over just in case they are reset. Any items lost from alchemical bags that do reset cannot be recovered and will not be replaced.

Old Data

Their are currently over 6000 world and player data related files on the server, totalling more than 1.2 GB. 

To reduce this size, clear out unneeded data and speed up the switch-over we will be purging player data over 21 days old, this will include all data of players that have not logged in 21 days as well as transmutation tablet & alchemical bag data that has not been changed within this time. I have estimated that together with the removal of other old data this will reduce the size by around 25%.

Protection Stones

On the day of the switch-over Protection stones belonging to players who have not logged in for 21 days or longer will be automatically removed and their protection area regenerated.

If you live in a region originally protected by someone who no longer plays or has not logged in for 21 days contact DiggyWig or DigginChickin as soon as possible (preferably within the next 2-3 days in case we switch early) to remove the stone so that you can place your own.

More updates to follow over the next few days!