Thursday 2 May 2013

Rotary Macerators & Wireless Redstone

Rotary Macerators

As some of you already know we had several hours of downtime last night, this was traced back to a glitching Rotary Macerator setup which I had to remove this morning. 

This is not the first time a Rotary Macerator has caused this kind of problem on our server, though it is the worst case we've seen and is one of the reasons many server owners ban it. Having done some investigation I found that Rotary Macerators were only in use by 5 out of over 200 regular players so I have taken the decision to ban them to prevent further problems such as this.

I have personally visited each of the 5 players homes and replaced the Rotary Macerators with standard ones, each fitted with 14 overclockers and 2 energy storage upgrades by way of compensation.

Wireless Redstone

Like many Tekkit servers we've been plagued by problems with this mod since our early days and around the half the items in this mod were banned very early on, today a wireless redstone setup brought the server down multiple times and I have also linked two other recent crashes to the mod as well. Again hardly any players use this mod, just 2 players had items placed in world, so I have decided to block the entire mod for the sake of server stability.

I don't like having to ban more items and I realise that a few players will not like these decisions but I hope that most you will understand that it is necessary to maximise stability of the server and minimise downtime.

I am confident we have now got an optimal banned item list and will not have to ban any further items in the future!