Friday 7 June 2013

PvP Village Removed From Spawn

I decided to remove the PvP village from Spawn Island as Marble End has essentially replaced it.

However it isn't entirely gone...

Instead of getting rid of of it completely I've moved it to Marble End, where it has been adapted into a  space-ship-village-kind-of-thing, that will make more sense when you see it, honestly!

It adds skeletons and zombie pigmen into the mix of mobs in Marble End, although they cannot leave the village due to interdiction torches at the entrance, as well as containing another regularly supplied chest. The chest in the village automatically receives iron swords and various random splash potions, it is the only chest in Marble end supplied with these items and I think the splash potions will add an interesting dynamic to the world.


EDIT: The Interdiction Torches have been replaced with tesla coils to make it a little more dangerous going in and out of the village and to stop players standing in the doorway safely killing all the mobs!