Tuesday 23 July 2013

Downtime & Changes Tomorrow

The poll for the future of DM & RM tool was very split (I'll leave the results on here for a few days) but the majority of you, just under 51%, voted to keep them as they are with 28% wanting all the tools right-click enabled but restricted by rank and 21% wanting just RM tools right-click enabled and restricted by rank.

So for now at least they will be staying as they are, I'll run the poll again at some point in the future when another plugin upgrade etc needs to be done.

Changes that are definitely happening tomorrow;

Tank Cart: will be unbanned for all ranks.*
Project Table: will be unbanned for Member+ or above.

*If the dupe is attempted you will still see some 'ghost' items but these are client side artifacts only visible to you and will disappear when you relog, doing this too much may well make you lag or even crash your client.

Several other tweaks will be made but for the most part these are performance and logging related, both the EE2 & IC2 mods will be replaced with modified versions that include a number of bug fixes and a couple of performance enhancements which have been tried and tested on other servers.

The upgrade will go ahead tomorrow, Wednesday 24th July as planned. 

The server will go down at around 10 am (UK) for a full backup and will be whitelisted while we test the changes, we expect the server to reopen by 1 pm if all goes to plan (famous last words!).

As usual updates will be posted on here.