Saturday 10 August 2013

Marble End & Weapons Mod Changes

I managed to get hold of a patch for Balkons Weapon Mod so I've made a few changes this morning...

Changes to all non-PvP worlds:

Knives are now banned.

Changes to Marble End:

Right-click is now enabled for knives, meaning that they can be thrown!
Javelin is now enabled.
Crossbow is now enabled.
Blowgun is now enabled.
Arrows are no longer given at the resource points.
Bread is no longer given at the resource points (wheat is instead).
Flint is now given at a couple of resource points.
Feathers are now given at a couple of resource points.
Wooden planks are now given at one resource point.

The addition of flint, feathers and wooden planks means that players can now craft the Javelin and Crossbow (including darts) but must also now craft arrows instead of finding them ready made.

The blowgun and poisonous darts are only available in the new addition to marble end... a second ship has docked (although the dock is a quite badly damaged) and it seems to be some kind of portable jungle, maybe something to do with oxygen generation? Or maybe just to manufacture a rather dodgy poison? who knows!

I've had to remove the protection around the spawn room in Marble End, however I've added signs asking that players do not kill in that room, anyone caught deliberately spawn killing (i.e. within that room) may be banned from Marble End.

I've also adapted the plugin that handles banned items to ban certain items in Marble End only that can be made using available parts but have no use there, i.e. saws, buckets, shears & beds.