Monday 2 September 2013

A Great Anniversary

Thanks to everyone who joined in the fun yesterday, in total we had 204 unique logins, most of which were regular players, in the end almost 6 stacks of HV Arrays were given away as well as various other prizes. We saw a record number of players in Marble End, 16+ for over 2 hours, and the server was full for a few hours at the peak times, apologies if you were one of the unlucky ones that couldn't get on at any point!

The new Player Mall is now open and the stores are filling fast with players doing a fantastic job of decorating their stores, I've included a few screenshots below for  the sake of posterity:

This group shot didn't exactly go to plan.... XD

Some of the first stalls to be set up...

Free Unclaimed Loot chests are back... 

We couldn't leave out the Free Cake stall...
(and yes someone ate a piece as I was taking the screenshot!)

 stabbyelf took this screenshot of himself,  m4ttyboi7393, tatankore and... 
someone who's name we aren't sure of exploring the new market.
(if you're the fourth person and want your name added let us know!)

This one was submitted anonymously, I'm told this is captainmine3
and decbagels, looking for supplies in Marble End!