Sunday 22 September 2013

Economy Signs

The economy signs are now enabled, player creatable signs are as follows:


Putting [Balance] on the top line of a sign will allow players to right-click it to check their balance.


Player Trading Signs are somewhat more complicated because of all the options available, you can find a basic guide and link to a video tutorial on these in the 'Vote & Earn Money' section of the site.

The [Trade] signs do not need to be on a chest, they can store their own inventory!

You can use these in Stores at the Player Mall but please remember to keep at least 2 Trade-O-Mats stocked, mainly for players who do not wish to participate in the economy.

Admin signs will also be introduced soon giving you other entirely new ways to use your money, but this might take a few days to fully implement, in the meantime start saving!