Wednesday 18 September 2013

Unbanned Items!

Balkons Weapons Mod

Thanks to a patch provided to me yesturday Balkons Weapons Mod is now working correctly with non-PvP areas and region protection so the following changes have been made:

Firstly all weapons available in Marble End are now also allowed in the normal world, so that's:
Knives (all types, throwable), Crossbow & Dart Gun

Secondly the following are now craftable in both Marble End and the normal world:
Spear (all types, throwable), Warhammer (all types)

And finally the following weapons are now craftable in the normal world:
Musket (including bayonet version), Blunderbuss

So the only items in the mod that will remain banned are:
Training Dummy (due to glitches), Flail (due to glitches), Cannon (too destructive) & Dynamite (explosive)

The Musket & Blunderbuss may also be added to Marble End at some point in the future.

Black Hole Bands

As I mentioned yesterday we can now fully block the right-click ability of the Black Hole Band, so it has now been enabled for Member rank and above!

In addition to right-click being disabled it is blocked from being placed into alchemy bags to prevent a well known dupe, you can however place it into an Alchemical Chest, or activate it in your hand to suck up any dropped items in the area!