Wednesday 30 October 2013

Halloween Event Tomorrow!

The Halloween Event Starts 9am (UK) Tomorrow!

Halloween Challenge Map: 9am-10pm(ish)

The map is essentially a treasure  hunt, here's what you need to know:

Getting in and out...

The entrance portal is in the Portal Hub at spawn, the exit portal is where you start and takes you to the storage room where a further portal takes you to the end where you can use /home etc to return to the normal world.

What to do first...

When you arrive claim your kit using /kit hallows, this will give you some basic gear and can be claimed every 15 minutes in case (or should that be when?) you die.

Go back through the portal and claim a chest to store your pumpkins in, remember to add any teammates to the lockette sign (max team size 3). Read the important info in the storage room, it will explain everything else you need to know!

The aim...

13 [Kit] signs are hidden around the map, allowing you to claim different numbers of pumpkins at different time intervals, [Buy] signs are also placed around allowing to buy most types of weapons & armour (no RM, DM etc).


One chest per team / person only.
PvP is on for parts of the map and in general the map is basically anything goes, feel free to push that other guy off the ledge.

Store as many pumpkins in your chest as you can, Jack-O-Lanterns are very rare but may also be obtained through the day, store these too for even bigger prizes or trade them on the day for Shards!

On 1st November you will be able to trade in your pumpkins for prizes which you can then store back in your chest, then on 2nd November you will be able to collect them using your regular inventory.

Look out for spooky goings on and things changing unexpectedly! 

Trick & Treat: 9am-10pm(ish) at 13 different times of day 2 players will be chosen at random, one will receive a treat and one will suffer a trick... if you have a sense of humour don't miss this!