Tuesday 29 October 2013

Premium Protection Stones

Wondering what to spend all those hard earned (or luckily won) Shards on?

Introducing Protection Stone Plus! 

They work just like the normal diamond ore protection stone, but are the glowing redstone ore block instead and give a massive protection area of 101x101 sky to bedrock, more than twice the surface area of the standard protection stones!

To make them a reasonable challenge to obtain you can only purchase them for Shards, $100,000 to be precise, the placement of them is also restricted to Member+ rank or above, they won't be confiscated from players of lower ranks but they wont be placeable.

The price might seem high but looking at the top balances and transactions over the last few weeks this amount should be easily earned by the time a player reaches Member+ rank, I'm hoping demand for money to buy the stones will also help rebalance the top end of the economy.

This new stone replaces the protection sponge, which has been retired, if you have one placed then your region will remain in place, please contact me if you'd like to trade your sponge for one of the new stones (this can be done without even removing the sponge!).