Saturday 2 November 2013

Downtime On Monday

As mentioned before there will be a scheduled downtime on Monday that will involve some major changes, including:
  1. Full backup / clone.
  2. Removal of the multiple inventory plugin and all related data.
  3. Removal of Halloween Challenge Map.
  4. Apply a couple of glitch prevention patches to mod files.
  5. Upgrade of TekkitRestrict.
  6. Removal of banned item plugin and all related data.
  7. Switch to TekkitRestrict's new banned / restricted item system.
The new banned item system will return ingredients to you when you try to craft a banned item, however the customizable messages will not be working straight away so you'll be told the item has been removed as it's banned but you won't be given a reason why it's banned, this will be sorted out in another update very soon. If a banned or restricted item that you don't have permission for is given to you it will change into a water bottle rather than just vanishing.

This could be quite a long downtime as there are lots of changes to test so I'll post regular updates here as thing progress, I hope to have the server back up in under 90 mins, but it's hard to say as things rarely go to plan with Tekkit Classic!

Downtime Monday;
Start:    9:00am (UK) 
Finish:  10:30-11:00am? (UK)