Friday 1 November 2013

Halloween Challenge Map Winners!

The top 3 scores for the Halloween Challenge Map are...

Name Score
sam_the_chicken:   1013
niki2008: 450
jabbawokkey: 396

Jack-O-Lanterns have been added to the winners chest...

1st Prize - Jack-O-Lantern x 64
2nd Prize - Jack-O-Lantern x 32
3rd Prize - Jack-O-Lantern x 16


Whether you were in the top three or not you can now trade your pumpkins and Jack-O-Lanterns for prizes to be transferred to the normal world a bit later! You have until midnight tonight to claim your prizes before the chest is moved to your home!

A special thanks to DigginChickin, Tatankore & freaksdesign for their huge contributions to the map, it wouldn't have stood a chance of being finished on time without them!