Friday 29 November 2013

Scheduled Downtime On Monday

There will be another another scheduled downtime  on Monday for what are hopefully the last of the major technical changes in preparation for January.
  1. Take a full backup/clone.
  2. Update TekkitRestrict.
  3. Update 3 mod patches.
  4. Test updates.
  5. Switch to new rank colours and add new ranks (more details coming soon).
  6. Permissions cleanup.
  7. Test colours are applied correctly and ranks promote in correct order.
  8. Tweak auto-promote plugin.
  9. Make around 30 changes to permissions, specifically relating to Staff ranks.
  10. Test permission changes.
  11. Clear out some old and redundant data.

Downtime Monday;
Start:    9:00am (UK)
Finish:  10:30am? (UK)