Monday 2 December 2013

Important Changes To Commands

I have fully switched us over to the new promotion plugin now so there have been some command changes;

Removed:  /playtime & /seen

Added: /ontime <name>

The '/ontime' command replaces both the old commands and can be used to check your own playing time and that of others, specifying your own name will list some extra detail.

In addition I decided to give an extra permission to all players in relation to the warning system, all players can now use '/warnings <name>' to view another players list of warnings, this gives genuine players a way to check out others before deciding whether to work with them or not as well as being able to check if and why a player has been banned.

Remember if you have received a warning the past (more than 30 days ago) and have stuck by the rules since, you may request that a Moderator or Admin considers removing it.